von Monaco Formel 1 Großer Preis 2021

Tribüne P

von Monaco F1 2021Tribüne P

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Tribüne N ist eine niedrige, breite Tribüne, die sich auf dem Wasser am Hafen Monacos befindet. Von hier aus haben Sie Blick auf die Schwimmbad-Passage der Rennstrecke.


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Right Sight

Right Sight


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30 Mai 2017


Delivered as promised!

Clear details on where tickets were, views of the track etc.. Clear and easy to follow instructions to pick up point on day of race. Very satisfied. Only suggestion would be to add directions to pick up office from train stations as we travelled on the train from Nice. Excellent - than you!

Mike Dodsworth

29 Mai 2017


An intoxicating experience at Monaco

I only attended the 1st practise session on Thursday while on hoilday. I just wanted to prepare for a race weekend visit next year. Everything was very well organised and it was relatively easy to find where I was sitting. The facilities generally were very good however the catering in my view needs to be improved - hot dogs, chips & crepes are not my idea of an enjoyable snack. I didn't see any stalls selling salad boxes or anything resembling healthy eating options.

Keith Bradley

02 Juni 2016



First time in Monaco I went general admission for qualifying & Tribune P on race day. Fantastic experience with a race full of incident, probably helped by heavy rain all morning. Enjoyed Friday with Pit Lane walk and viewing of tremendous boats in the harbour. Saw most of the drivers and some other celebrities. The only down sides were the limited views from the general admission unless arriving very early and the crush to walk the pit lane. Though I enjoyed it, some spectators suffered real anxiety attacks. Stewards should keep people moving on.


01 Juni 2016



I found purchasing the tickets extremely seamless and easy. They came via courier and were delivered safely and securely. Was very happy with the seating and the race facilities in general. Already planning on returning next year!


31 Mai 2016


Was meant to be a once in a lifetime experience...we'll be going again!

WOW an amzing 5 days. Couldn't fault the facilities, access and staff, who were all very helpful and friendly. The only down side would be the pit walk. Too many people at once which got squashed and uncomfortable. Maybe needs to be monitored as we felt unsafe at times with some of the pushing and the amount of people. Didnt damped the weekend though. There was so much to do over the 5 days, plenty to keep everyone entertained from morning to night.


09 Juni 2015


Seats in P were in great location

Having the last row seat is a huge bonus and we stood most of the race with a back support and could photo easy. I think these were perfect location to get a good piece of the road for race with 2 turns and a straight away.

Peter Neale

29 Mai 2015


Tribune P Highly Recommended

It could barely have been better. Attended Monaco Grand Prix for the first time with my daughter and was bowled over with the atmosphere and the quality of the view. Tribune P is opposite the swimming pool: our back row seats were directly in front of a large TV screen, with the harbour right behind us. We could see the cars all the way from the first swimming pool chicane [Virage Louis Chiron] until they went out of sight after the second one. A major bonus was the fact that we could see the second half of the pit lane, including reflections of the cars from the dark windows above. Wonderful venue, shame about the race. I said to my daughter with 20 laps to go [as the race was fading away into an inevitable procession] that we needed a safety car to liven things up. I wouldn't have predicted what happened next.


25 Mai 2015


Tribune P Great Seats

Only 6 rows on Tribune P. Sat in seats 41 and 42 and had a good view of the track and the big screen. Tolilets and refreshments nearby and prices slightly less less than in Monaco streets

Martin H

10 Juni 2014


Monaco with book

Surprise - they had tickets for Tribune P when others didn't. Tickets arrived in good time with accessories ordered. Well organized at the track and around Monaco. View from stand was fantastic and the big screen is directly opposite. Great day!


02 Juni 2014



great view of the swimming pool complex, race is well organised and easy to get to your seat, good toilet facilities around the track.


27 Mai 2014


A must see

Overall it was a great experience. Stayed in Nice and took a train to Monaco on Sunday. Entrance is smooth and you can find you way around quickly. There is no wrong place as you can get very close to the race itself. Spare time for the after party in the circuit

Diane Carr

27 Mai 2014


Monaco GP

We had the most amazing weekend and the Grand Prix, it was a memorable 40th birthday present for my fiancé. Our seats were amazing in Tribune P which was right in front of the swimming pool area. We thought the price of food and drink was surprisingly very reasonable, although there wasn't much choice other than lager in the grounds even wine or fizz would have been good! We arrived early to soak up the atmosphere and walked around the harbour and looked at the amazing yachts people owned - wow how the other half live!! and bought some of the merchandise from one of the many stands.


26 Mai 2014


Worth doing once!

Cut a long story short I did the Monaco GP last year but then lost my camera the day after so made a promise to come back this year. Unfortunately the organisers bumped up the cost of a ticket by £100 to 350 for Tribune P so i had decided having seen it last year to just do free practice and qualifying. By doing that i got tickets in Tribune B - Casino Square for free practice for €70 got some great photos and you can sit anywhere within the grandstand - so good for shots or if the people nearby are annoying! If you get Tribune B then when arriving at Monaco train station end to the escalators up at the end of the platform - trust me it saves a 25 minutes walking back on yourself!! I like the fact at Monaco that the refreshments are not those big commercial catering vans but more like a school fete set up! prices arent too bad either. seats in Tribune B are moulded so much better than Tribune P which are just metal benches (bring a nice padded cushion) the benches are ok in terms of distance between the one in front etc im 6 foot 2 so most seating causes a few issues. in terms of width seating is pretty decent again. To be honest due to the nature of the track there are no seating areas which will give you more than 30 metres or so of track so tribune p is quite good as you get the view as they sweep through the chicance braking hard for the the sharp right chicane at the swimming pool. They have changed the layout this year in terms of the entrances. last year you actually made your way past the actual swimming pool (ie you could have jumped over the barrier and gone for a swim) where as this year you came out behind tribune v. major improvement this year for p (maybe not for o) was that they moved the big screen - great quality screen as well and to be honest you end up watching that more than the others. with tribune n p and o the catering and toilets are on the jettys for the massive yachts and you might just catch a celeb or two looking down on you. In terms of accommodation i stayed in Antibes last year and juan les pins this year so its pretty good for the train about € return. just give it an hour or so after the f1 parts have finished just to let the train station calm down a bit. just saves a bit of stress. I will also say this for the people of Nice and surrounding areas they are much happier than us Brits! really friendly and speak english. all in all if you've dreamt of coming to the monaco gp even if you've got a tight budget you can still sample the atmosphere and see the cars in action and probably get a better view of the track by doing the other days than the actual race day - of course if you can afford a race day ticket then what's stopping you?

Mrs Jeanette Mabbutt

04 Juni 2013


Not sure what you mean by this question ??

The two tickets to the Monaco Grand Prix were a 60th birthday surprise for my husband. The access to Monaco racing circuit is very easy (we stayed locally and arrived by train), the stand (Tribune P) was easily reached and we found all the circuit attendants and the local police very helpful - IN FACT ALL WERE A DELIGHT TO DEAL WITH. Toilet facilities were good (portaloos) although queues were long. Refreshment facilities also good, although queuing necessary. Tickets arrived in good time before we set off and arrived in a nicely presented folder with useful additional information. It would have been helpful if you could have explained that toilet facilities and refreshment facilities would be available all day below/behind the stands - would have saved us taking a packed lunch, which we did, just in case of not being able to move around the circuit. All in all though, excellent service from yourselves. No complaints at all.


27 Mai 2013


Do it!

I may have been harsh with my ratings but as a street circuit I don't think you could lay on much better for fans. Plenty of toilets as you make your way down from the train station. The seating is a little cramped and I do recommend a cushion. Oh and a hat as you are sitting there for a few hours. I would also seriously recommend getting something to eat at the many restaurants before you make your way into the seating complex as the queues for food are huge as obviously they can't have vast catering complexes next to all those magnificent yachts. I found the train simple enough and they did a special ticket which was useful. Word of warning the trains will be rammed. I stayed in Antibes so got a seat no problem but once we got to the airport then nice Ville it was standing room only if you were lucky. Coming back was fine but word of warning you will be swept onto the train in a sea of humanity, forget you are English and just go with it, you'll end up with a seat if you fight just as hard as everyone else! Finally just to say the view at tribune p does allow you to see a good chunk of track where they do go slowly enough to see the cars plus there is a tv screen.

Russell Crowe, George Clumsy, Millsy & Pepe

02 Juni 2012


WOW - Z1 for Quali & Tribune P for race

We had General Admission in Z1 for Quali - BRILLIANT VALUE - we could see the cars as they came down from tunnel, into chicane and we were 15 feet away as they sped thru Tabac toward swimming pool - there was a bar behind us, with loos and loads of space. From the circuit map, we thought we'd be inside 1st corner, so this was way better than we'd expected and for the cost - amazing. We could hear the cars going up the hill, about 100 feet behind us, on their way to Casino Square and the basic scaffolding stand we were on was vibrating with the noise. The nightlife is incredible - we were at Rascasse from 11.00 pm to 4 am and it was heaving with people. The Loews hairpin was packed at 4.30 am with Ferraris (every other car) and every other high performace vehicle you could imagine. If you're staying in Nice like we did, you need to be aware there are no trains from 11.20 pm until 6.20 am so if you head to the circuit for the night - you are there all night, but the clubs go on until dawn - an experience to be had when you can! Grandstand P is only 6 rows high - we could see the back of the pits on race day and a big screen. Whilst the actual racing in Monaco is always a little dull, the atmosphere and experience are awesome and certainly something everyone should see at least once. The food and drink within the circuit area were cheaper than in the town and better value than we'd anticipated. Overall - a trip to savour and no more expensive than going to Monza or Nurburg - we actually spent less!


29 Mai 2012


Monaco May 2012

great weekend in Monaco. circuit was open to public walkabout after 7.30pm at nights. grid walk was included in grandstand tickets I purchased. best way to get to seats is to get train into Monaco - signage in and around station are great.

Paul and michelle Chatham Kent

29 Mai 2012


Lewis Hamiltons Barmy Army

Truley iconic sporting event !! Loved every moment and Nice is a fantastic city to stay


28 Mai 2012


Excellent day and will return

Fabulous weekend And Monaco gp is a must!! you are so close to the action and the drivers


03 Juni 2011


Unforgettable day!

For me, it was very nice be there in Monaco. Everything was well organized, and there was tv screens, snacks and drinks very near our seats. Two tiny problems: It was a very sunny day, and the seats were too hot, but it was not a big deal. And the ear plugs that I bought there were not good. If the sound loud is a problem, buy them before the race.

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